Individual touchscreen development

In all areas of automation, input via touchscreen continues to gain in importance. Touch panels integrate touchscreen monitors into a component carrier, which usually contains further additional operating elements. This is particularly necessary in industry and medical technology, since touchscreen functionality alone does not provide all the necessary operating functions..

For touch panels, plastic or metal carriers are used. These take either a touch monitor or display or touch screen and screen separately. A front glass can be additionally integrated to protect the touch screen surface. In addition to stand-alone touch solutions, additional components such as switches, buttons, keyboards, touchpads, joysticks, trackballs, rotary controls or signal transmitters such as LEDs can be integrated.

The surface of a panel can be manufactured completely flat; the transition from touch surface to technology carrier is then flush. This is necessary in medical technology, for example, where one hundred percent cleanability is a prerequisite. The degree of protection also plays a major role here. Under certain circumstances, a degree of protection of IP69k can be achieved.


  • Robust carrier material made of plastic
    or metal
  • Various coatings and overlays
  • .

  • Accommodation of monitors and displays
    of all sizes
  • Recording of touchscreens of almost
    of all technologies
  • Recording of other
    operating components
  • Flush mounting
  • Installation of acoustic and optical
    signal transmitters
  • Attractive surface designs


  • Individual construction and design
  • Integration of all monitor and touchscreen sizes
  • Combination with other controls

Application areas

  • Industrial automation
  • Medical technology
  • Building services
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Self-service systems


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