Mobile operating

This mobile diagnostic device was developed for automotive engineering. The hardware includes an ergonomically shaped, easy-to-clean housing with display area. The operating elements were realized with silicone keys.
This operating device is used for data acquisition. It has a plastic housing with display area and an integrated silicone keypad with plastic caps.

Mobile HMI Panels with Industry Standard

Timely access to precise information and the ability to react flexibly to special circumstances safely and quickly at any location are more important than ever in most areas of activity today. Cell phones, tablet PCs and remote controls have become an integral part of everyday life; the mobile trend is equally evident in the professional-commercial sector.

Combining the desired functionality with the housing design is the biggest challenge in planning and designing mobile operating devices. In addition, there are special requirements such as lighting, degree of protection, shock resistance, display and touch integration or the implementation of data transmission (e.g. infrared, radio, Bluetooth). Increasingly, the topic of energy harvesting or energy-autonomous power supply for mobile operating with low power is also playing a role.

The requirements for mobile operating devices are as extensive as the possible areas of application. These range from the wireless reading of data from building systems to the mobile recording of patient data in hospitals.


  • Enclosures in various shapes
    and degrees of protection
  • Integration of almost all key-,
    keyboard and (touch) display elements
  • Integration of electronic components
    (e.g. RFID, sensors)
  • Wireless design
  • Various features such as illumination
    or acoustic signaling possible


  • Customized construction and design
  • Almost all sizes can be implemented
  • Extensive functionality

Application areas

  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical technology
  • Building services engineering
  • Traffic and transport
  • Trade


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