Manufacturing expertise

HMI manufacturing

Manufacturing at our German site in Treuen is divided into the following departments:

Laser engraving

“Carved in stone.”
In order to meet your individual design requirements, we offer you, in addition to various printing processes, engraving by means of laser technology. The engraving of almost all materials is possible.

CNC milling

Does not fit, does not exist!
Precision is the be-all and end-all in our CNC milling shop. For the realization of customized products, we rely on the many years of experience of our employees and state-of-the-art milling technology.

Digital and screen printing

Nothing off the shelf!
We not only offer individuality in technology, but also in design. By means of various printing processes, we realize your design wishes on a wide variety of materials.


Manufactured by hand!
The product components are assembled and tested in the partial or final assembly by hand or by machine before the in-house QA department carries out the final inspection.

Optical Bonding / Cleanroom

Keeping the view!
The in-house clean room offers the possibility of transparently bonding components such as touch sensors, cover glass and displays using the optical bonding process. The adhesives used ensure perfect visibility and optimal color brilliance.

Automatic Casting

Optimally protected!
Whether against adverse weather conditions, vandalism or electrical influences – thanks to various potting processes, it is possible for us to optimally protect your product against external influences and guarantee a long service life.

Testing Laboratory & Quality Assurance

Put through its paces!
Every product is comprehensively tested before it leaves our premises. Real operating conditions are simulated in our in-house test laboratory. The high quality system is one of the competitive advantages that we pass on to our customers.

Our 8th department is dedicated to prototyping.

Here we have various methods ready to help us create prototypes or test samples. These include a modern 3D printer. This makes it possible to produce individual components or models particularly quickly and easily. Thanks to a broad partner network, we also have access at all times to many other manufacturing stages that go beyond our portfolio at the Treuen site.


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