Front panels and housings

HMI housing for individual operating units

Front panels and housings are the base for the actual input components. They vary in shape, material, installation type and finishing. For example, a built-in aluminum front panel with integrated mechanical pushbuttons and a robust foil overlay is an almost classic solution for industry. Plastic enclosures, on the other hand, are the typical choice for device and system construction.

The design of a customized front panel starts with the geometric dimensions. Almost any size and any shape is possible. The shapes we have already realized for our customers range from rectangle to trapezoid to ellipse. This is followed by the selection and combination of the functional or operating elements. Thus we integrate single switches, pre-assembled keyboards, touch pads, emergency stop switches or even displays with touch screen.

The design of a housing is much more complex. In principle, almost all three-dimensional shapes are conceivable here as well. However, since a housing usually accommodates embedded systems, its design is far more demanding. In addition, the respective casting process sets certain framework conditions that must be taken into account.

Front panels

  • freely definable geometric shapes
  • use of all flat, plane materials
  • Aluminum and stainless steel are widely used materials
  • Foil overlay increases resistance to dirt and liquids
  • Combination of different input components
  • Integration of display and touch screens
  • Individual key layouts
  • Different installation and mounting types


  • Freely selectable three-dimensional shape
  • Metal housing in different casting processes
  • Plastic housing in injection molding process
  • Special coating for increased resistance
  • Small housing for mobile operation
  • Integration of display and touch screens
  • Integration of embedded systems
  • Cost-effective rapid prototyping


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