Expertise of our in-house R&D


  • GUI for devices –> menu navigation, in small displays/displays
    device concepts –>acquisition, display, processing of parameters
  • Visualization of data –>graphical visualization, statistics
  • Control of device periphery in low voltage range –> stepper motors, actuators, test concepts for serial products –> test software, LabView, test equipment for quality assurance
  • Feasibility analyses –> evaluation of solutions and technologies, functional samples and demonstrators


  • Modern software tools –> Solid Works and Inventor
  • 3D printing (Formlabs resin-based research)
  • Injection molding plastics
  • Glass printing –> Data preparation from the idea to the finished print image for screen and digital printing

Hardware development

  • Modern software tools for PCB design–>Altium Designer 20, (Eagle also possible)
  • Analog and digital circuit design in the low voltage range
  • Hardware extensions for the Raspberry Pi / ComputeModule
  • Serial interfaces, Analog inputs and outputs, Digital inputs and outputs, Display interfaces (RGB, LVDS), Camera
  • Interfaces:
    – RS232, Ethernet, PoE, USB, PS/2
    – Field busses: CAN Bus, RS485 and others
  • EMC investigations
    – measurements during development (ESD /BURST SEARCH)
    – Handling of certifications
    – Solution finding for EMC problems
    – Sensor/measurement technology on request
  • Circuit design for MCU’s –> 8-Bit, 32-Bit, ESP32

Software development

Software development
  • Firmware development for the following microcontrollers, among others: 8-bit AVR, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M
  • Application development based on .NET
    • PC tools such as configuration programs
    • test software and tools
  • USB Devices –>HID, CDC, others on request
  • PS/2 Device –> keyboard, mouse
  • CAN Slave
    • CAN Raw
    • CAN Open
  • Ethernet
    • TCP/IP z.B. MQTT, RPC
    • UDP z.B. COAP
  • Serial interfaces
    • I2C, SPI, UART, IR, 1-Wire, Master/Slave applications
  • Data transfer via Modbus
    • TCP/IP; RTU


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