Capacitive Switch


Capacitive keypads and switches use individual sensors that form electric fields and act like a capacitor plate. This field penetrates a variety of materials; the most commonly used is glass. When a user touches the field, the capacitance changes and causes a signal to be triggered. In addition to buttons, it is possible to integrate a capacitive touchpad.

In contrast to touch screen systems, where the controls are displayed graphically via monitor, this technology involves delineated, physically present buttons. We develop and manufacture the electronics and apply them to any requirement – from backlit individual switches to customized keypads behind glass.


  • Surface coating possible
  • Implementation as single switch, keypad or keyboard in full layout
  • Supplementary additional features such as lighting or operating feedback as an acoustic signal or local vibration
  • Attractive additional features possible: illumination or multi-color
  • Protected by integration on the back and therefore almost wear-free

Advantages of capacitive switches

  • Excellent resistance to water & dust
  • Good haptics for the individual switches
  • Almost unlimited design possibilities

Application areas

  • Equipment and apparatus engineering for all applications
  • Aerospace
  • Industry & production facilities
  • Medical Areas
  • Embedded Systems

Datasheet capacitive switch


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